Esoterica is a dazzling one-man foray into the realms of philosophy and metaphysics as seen through the lens of conjuring and stage craft. Armed with little more than a regulation deck of fifty-two playing cards, a razor sharp wit, and an inexhaustible wealth of mostly useless knowledge, master showman Eric Walton deftly navigates such perennial philosophical questions as “Destiny vs Free Will”, “What is Perception?” and “Is This Your Card?”
"A very entertaining one-man show...a mix of magic, mentalism and intelligent chat. He does all three impressively."
-The New York Times

"A masterclass in card magic and absolute pleasure."
-The London Times

"Walton is a charming mountebank, his parade of card tricks a delight, but it's the human touch that makes for a good show."

"A master of his art, Eric Walton's Esoterica is highly recommended to all."
-The List

"Is it magic or mind play? It's so hard to tell, but so incredible to watch...I often wonder how people like Eric Walton aren't ruling the world."
-Three Weeks

"It's a dazzler! Esoterica is half con, half illusion, but almost always astonishing and it's 100% pure theatrical magic."

"The show is a theatrical riot, a magical comedy full of dazzling card tricks and mind games."
-Zink Magazine

"The success of Esoterica lies in Eric Walton's realization that a magic show should also be a theater piece...Walton delivers his material with grace and charm."

"His wizardry will leave you speechless and perhaps just a little freaked out."

“Walton fills Esoterica with not only amazing sleight of hand, but also a good measure of urbane humor."

"Walton is a consummate showman with a keen wit, always able to turn the unexpected to his advantage."
-The Stage

"[A]n enthralling journey through the world of magic, mind-reading and the human psyche."
-The Edinburgh Blog