Cruise Ships

I'm an avid fan of cruising, and I have two shows that are perfect for cruise ship audiences. Both shows involve a lot of audience participation, fit into a single checked bag, and feature material that I've performed in venues across the United States and in the United Kingdom for over fifteen years. In addition to my two mainstage shows, I also have a travel trivia show, a 45-minute lecture on the psychology of magic, and a beginners' magic workshop. And of course, I'm willing to perform strolling magic for special events onboard.  

Comedy magic show

My comedy magic show is a high-energy, 45-minute presentation of the best and most mystifying material in my professional repertoire. The show consists entirely of audience-tested material that I've been performing at theaters, resorts, colleges, nightclubs, comedy clubs, and performing arts centers throughout the United States and in the U.K. for over a decade and includes many of the same routines I performed in my hit Off-Broadway show, Esoterica. The show involves a lot of audience interaction and each of the routines has been refined and honed over the course of hundreds of live performances. And because I've performed this material in such a wide variety of venues and for such a wide range of audiences, the show plays just as well as a mainstage presentation as it does in a more intimate cabaret setting.

mentalism show

My mentalism show combines theatrical mind-reading, feats of mental acuity, and demonstrations of extra-sensory perception into a 45-minute presentation that is as compelling as it is confounding. This show has a slightly more serious tone than my magic show, but is not without its humorous moments. And like my magic show, it also involves lots of audience interaction and consists of material that I've performed regularly in front of live audiences for many years and at a wide range of venues across the United States and in the U.K. Much of the material is from my one-man show, Eric Walton: Mentalist. It's also equally appropriate as either a mainstage presentation or a cabaret show.

The psychology of magic

In this 45-minute lecture, I explore the psychological principles employed by magicians to make their (our) presentations of magic effective and convincing, and I also examine and demonstrate some of the neurological and perceptual limitations of the human brain that make the magician's job of fooling an audience easier. I've presented this lecture at venues throughout New York City, most recently as a part of the New York Historical Society's excellent program, the Summer of Magic.

Travel trivia show

Several years ago, I was asked to co-host a trivia show in Brooklyn and soon discovered that I have both a fondness and knack for the art-form. Part of my responsibility as the co-host was to write the questions for the show, and I decided to take an unconventional approach: I formulated each of the questions as a rhyming quatrain, in which the answer is arrived at by correctly guessing the final word of the second couplet. A hint is provided in the third line of the quatrain, because the final word in it will rhyme with the final word of the fourth line. Here's an example:

Here in the Democratic Republic of Congo,
I'm afraid you won't last too terribly long-o,
Unless you make your way to one of our banks
And exchange those dollars for Congolese_____?

[Answer: Francs]

I have enough of these and other travel-related questions to fill a 45-minute trivia show, and it's something I would be happy to either host on my own, or co-host with one of the assistant cruise directors. 

Strolling/walk-around magic

Strolling magic is one of my favorite forms of magic and it's something I've done professionally at corporate and private events across the United States for over fifteen years. My strolling set consists of sleight-of-hand with cards, coins, and borrowed objects and is the perfect addition to an upscale cocktail reception, sail-away party, or other special event onboard the ship. It's also something I can do table-side at one or more of the onboard restaurants. 

Magic workshop

My beginners' magic workshop is a 45-minute program in which I teach attendees some very basic magic tricks and a few bar bets (also known as "proposition bets" or "bets you can't lose") that they can use to fool their friends and beguile their enemies. Participants learn two very easy-to-do, self-working card tricks, as well as a number of fun and interesting proposition bets that they can immediately put to use. The program is not only instructional, but also educational, as I provide some colorful anecdotes about famous proposition bets throughout history.