A Prodigal Son Returns to Florida (With a Camera)

Posted on October 6th, 2010

A Prodigal Son Returns to Florida (With a Camera)
By Eric Walton

For a brief period in my late teens, I lived in a suburb of Orlando, Florida. My memories of that time in my life are mostly, though by no means overwhelmingly, pleasant. I was in high school, studying French and drama, enjoying both subjects and excelling at at least one of them. I had a small group of close friends, many of whom I still know, over twenty years hence. And though I enjoyed my proximity to Daytona Beach and would sometimes go there with my friends and class-mates, I did not, at that tender and thoughtless age, fully appreciate the many majestic vistas of Florida's glorious shores.

Florida has approximately 1,350 miles of coastline, so it's perhaps reasonable to assume that no one, least of all a teenager preoccuppied with the conjugation of irregular French verbs, would ever see, much less appreciate, all of it. However, on a recent trip to the Gulf coast of Florida, I made it a point to see as much beach as I could and to document as many wonders of her magnificent shores as one man traveling on foot in the span of a single afternoon possibly could.

Behold the results of that afternoon:
I took this shot somewhat early in the day. Rain was forecast for the late afternoon, so I thought it prudent to get out of bed no later than 1:00 and take full advantage of what the day had to offer.
I was quite taken by the corona effect created by the sun behind the cloud in this photo, but I think that the phenomenon is upstaged by the seagull that happened to cross the frame at just the right moment. Felicitous indeed.
Observant viewers will notice that on the right side of this photo, near the horizon, is what appears to be a stump of some kind. It is in fact a crane: the very crane pictured below.
It was my hope to get a bit closer to this fine creature before it took flight, but it seems that these things spook easily.
The proper term for a group of seagulls is "wreck". Unlike the crane pictured above, this wreck of seagulls did not spook easily and in fact seemed quite indifferent to my incessant screaming.

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